your story to tell

life stuff piles up fast
the thing about pack rats is
we value too much
assigning our thoughts
rationing out nostalgia
to what may be…junk
and if a woman
kept a nameplate on her desk
for 16 months of
bad news, it’s likely
that she is a pack rat. and…
probably crazy
and, truth is, most days
she was barely hanging on
fearful every turn
so if the value
she has given this silly
scrap of junk, is hope
who could blame her for
mounting it up for all to
see: hope is still there.

so now what does she
do with the token of chance
she’s held on her wall

when what she wants now
is to throw it on the ground
crush it to pieces

because hope? is complex
and wrapped tight with memories
of our pride and pain

because anger? is
easier to come by and
harder to release

although hope is now
life beyond 4 foam walls and
plastic punch time cards

and this hope sounds like
music. sounds like laughter. sounds
like children. and love.
so it comes down now
memories and nostalgia
will come down with it
even a pack rat
knows junk sometimes and its not
her story to tell
July, 2011

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