This is the first prompt I really had no idea what to do with.

It didn’t help that today was a crazy busy day. Just one of those days where all of the things you don’t do very often collide and all need to be done at the same time.

When I finally sat down to try to write something I remembered that I had promised Ezra a long walk in the beautiful weather, to help make up for the weeks of gray, wet awfulness.

So we set out and as we walked I tried to ask some questions about his day – his second day back in the school building. Most of the questions were met with “good”, “ok”, or “I don’t know”, which usually means “My brain is tired, please stop talking.”

We walked along until we got to what the boys consider to be their favorite part of our usual walk around the neighborhood – a spot where the trees clear along the trail and they can walk down close to the creek that runs around us. Danny went straight down to the water to throw rocks at the current but Ezra crawled up on a rock and put his face straight up to the sky. The sun was so bright he had to cover his eyes, but he stayed up there in that position.

“The sun just makes me happy Mommy!”

That’s awesome kiddo! How does it make you happy?

“I don’t know. But it does.”

And it got me thinking if the message of the day could be found in that statement. Because when it comes to God’s power, we know a lot and next to nothing. We know that it is sufficient. We know that it is made perfect in our weakness. We know it through testimonies and devotions and in seeing the evidence when we glance at the rear view mirror.

But even though it is always working, we don’t know how it works. It just does. And it “just does” over and over and over again.

As I sat there on the trail while the kids played, exhausted from the longest outdoor excursion since my surgery, I leaned back and soaked up the afternoon sun for the first time in ages.

And it made me happy; I didn’t need to know why.

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