This evening as we were preparing for choir practice (from the living room) I looked at the piano and noticed that the tulips I had in a vase were no longer standing straight. In fact, they were completely droopy. I went over to check out the situation and sure enough, the vase was completely dry – even though I had filled it the night before.

I thought my work was done when it came to those blooms for at least a day or two; it never occurred to me that they would require more water within 24 hours. If the flowers hadn’t wilted the way they had, I would not have even checked on them yet.

It was a potent reminder that we do not always use our resources in the same way, at the same pace.

Somedays you may need more water to stay hydrated, more food to feel full, or more sun to be happy. Our bodies and minds have a pretty good way of letting us know when we are running low on these things, if we listen.

But there are other things we can easily run out of – patience, love, mercy. Often we are are a cranky, miserable mess before we even realize we have run bone dry. It is easy to think of our souls the same way I thought of that vase – I just filled that yesterday. I can’t possibly need more already.

Fortunately, there is a well that will never run dry where we can draw endless amounts of Grace. It is ready before we ask; poured out to us without cost or condition. All we need to do is accept is that we need it.

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