What do you believe?

To believe something is to accept it as true; to feel sure of the truth of. To hold it. To consider it.

So again, what do you believe?

Your mind might initially go to matters of faith – truly, it may be the question of faith. And it is often a question that many of us can answer with certainty – even if what we are certain of is that we are still on the journey. We spend a lifetime looking for the answer to this question – testing it against our circumstances and our intellect – before we are willing to say yes: this I believe.

But I’m wondering how many beliefs we hold about our habits, our relationships, or ourselves that we assign great value to without testing it half as much.

We are quick to believe that a trait we wish we could change is unchangeable; that someone we love will disappoint us; that we are not worthy of love and Grace.

So as you consider what it is you believe, consider maybe that what you believe isn’t as important as Who you believe. And if you find yourself to be an unreliable narrator in your story, look to the One who knows you by name and calls you His own.

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