I took this picture yesterday afternoon while we sat in the waiting room of our pediatricians. Danny was nervous – any trip to the doctor could result in a flu shot (in his mind), so he usually has a lot more at stake emotionally than physically.

Fortunately he did not get a shot of any kind; just a Strep test and a Covid test (which were both negative.)

We have been passing a cold around since last Friday morning when Willis woke up with it. I don’t know exactly how one gets a cold in “these unprecedented times” but I am chalking it up to 3 of us being out in the world again with more people than we’ve been with in over a year. Regardless of how we inherited it, its just a cold and normally it would be no big deal.

But a cold in the time of Covid is no small thing. It means missed school for the entire household, different lengthy “isolation” periods based on when various symptoms show up or doctors’ appointments and Covid tests for anyone who so much as sniffles (which is what we did and again, I must emphasize, they were all negative).

It is also nearing the end of the quarter, a quarter filled with extraordinary changes and new expectations. And here, in these last days of catching up and testing, everyone is home. My bedroom is a high school choir room again. Danny – as a middle school student – has switched back to being a distance learner for the week but hybrid elementary is an all or nothing game. If Ezra doesn’t go to school on his days, then he is asynchronous full time.

In the grand scheme of struggles in the world right now, I know this ain’t much. But, a glass of water doesn’t have to be overflowing to feel heavy if you carry it around long enough. There is more value in acknowledging that something has been hard for you than in berating yourself for struggling because you know people who have had it worse.

All this to say, the Rosenfeld household will continue our yearly tradition of crashing into Spring Break/Holy Week without the landing gear fully extended.

And that is ok. These are the seasons of miracles, and one recovered sniffle at a time we will get back in the air.

I fell down a little bit of a praise music rabbit hole this morning, and found myself listening to this message. If you are feeling a struggle right now, you might want to listen too. You won’t be disappointed. ❤

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